Sync to S3 Storage Bucket

Synchronize Data to AWS S3 Storage from CLI

We have a folder /backups on your server that you want to syncronize to an AWS S3 Storage bucket. First thing is first, we'll want to install the aws command line tools. I'll use python virtual environments specific to functions or django webapps, etc. So first, create a virtualenv and source it (if it's successfully created using &&).

How Did They Know I Like Guiness?

So, anyone that's had a server online with a public IP will know that there are a lot of people out there that will flood you with malicious requests almost immediately. People with malicious intent will put together scripts that scan public network addresses and attempt to exploit known services, or brute force them. Usually looking at the logs of attempts to brute force ssh, I see patterns that are obvious usernames from some db of common usernames. (Note to self, update listening port for ssh from default 22.)

Generate an SSL CSR for Cert Authorities

Generate an SSL key

Use openssl to first generate an ssl key if you don't already have one to create the request for. We'll make it a 2048-bit rsa key in this case.

multiple ssl certs in haproxy

Create combined cert/key for each domain

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Google PageSpeed Insights Score - 97

This blog has pulled off a score 97 for Desktop, and a 95 for mobile on Google PageSpeed Insights